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Time Travel: Calgary to Athens in a Blink

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If you are a seasoned traveler of wealth or great luck (in being upgraded for free) then skip the first sections here which are about the joys of travelling in business class. No wait, I mean You Are Special class.

The trouble with flying in the You Are Special class (YAS) is that it ruins any future travel plans you may have had to fly in the You Are Cattle (YAC) class (economy) or even in the You Are Special Cattle class (premium economy).

The overall experiences are night and day. It starts from the first moments at the airport departure all the way through to baggage retrieval on the other side. For a start, you get to go through the YAS baggage queue and checkin.

And it’s all about the arithmetic. On a 400 seat plane there are maybe 20 YAS seats. So already you are only competing for the resources within a group of 20, not 400. You are in the 5% percentile special group, and you have dedicated resources there to make sure you are happy.

Here is a partial list of the specific differences for a YAS passenger, before you even get off the ground:

- All queues are shorter, from baggage checkin to onboarding
- You do not pay for checked in luggage, usually at least 2 full-size bags are allowed
- Your bags will be tagged “Priority” (which is not just for show, it turns out, even your bags actually do seem to receive YAS treatment.)
- While waiting for your plane you can hang out in a Premium Lounge which will at least offer comfortable uncrowded seating, free food and drinks, including alcohol and sometimes showers
- You do not have to anxiously pre-queue prior to the boarding announcements, hoping to get onboard sooner, thus ensuring your carry-on luggage has a place on the plane
- No one suggests they might take away your carry on to check it in, and no one seems to be counting the number of carry-on items you have
- Your boarding announcement is only preempted by those for mothers with infants or passengers in wheelchairs
- You get to board first / early and there are so few of you it is unhurried - you will not be jostled by the cattle
- Everyone in ground and on-plane crew are friendlier and in particular are not trying to hurry you up - your onboarding is calm and humane
- Your seat of course will vary form large to huge, and if an overnight flight will invariably be a “pod” style seat
- The overhead locker will be HUGE compared to those in the cattle sections of the aircraft - you will not fight for space for your carryons
- You will be greeted and tended to by plane crew with what seems genuine friendliness and helpfulness
- You will be offered a beverage almost immediately you are seated and almost always the offering will include “Sparkling Wine”
- You will receive a bundle of blankets, pillows, an overnight toiletries kit and ... full size headphones
- You will receive the menu of the day, from which to select your meal choices, including wine pairings
- The ratio of flight attendants to passengers will amazing - even if Special class is full, it is likely to be something like 1 attendant to 5 passengers

I am sure there is more I have not remembered, but the summary is that flying in the YAS class is unhurried, calm, uncrowded - and uncompetitive (you are not fighting fellow passengers for waiting area seats, overhead bin space or any other resource.)

I won’t go into great detail about the in-flight advantages of YAS class, but these include the better food, the constant supply of beverages, the big screen video display, and of course, on longer flights, the lie-flat seat that becomes a bed. And yes, you will likely have your own Special toilets too, which are forbidden to the cattle.

And oh, yes, when you land, your luggage with it’s Priority sticker really does get unloaded first.

Ok, back to the actual travel bits ...

There is not a lot to say here - the Calgary to Heathrow leg of the trip was uneventful - I watched “Overlord” (Nazis make Zombies) and “Unsane” (She’ s sane, not sane, sane, maybe still insane?) and ate the meals and drank the wine and had a little brandy and slept ok-ish on the lie-flat seat and then had an omelette with sausage and croissant for breakfast (this is YAS c lass, remember)

We only had a couple of hours to wait in Heathrow but found the Lufthansa lounge (who handle Aegean airlines YAS passengers) and had some food and drink and then boarded the plane for Athens.

Another uneventful flight with more food and wine. The priority-tagged baggage came off first which meant we were early at the passport control where a man stamped passports and whee ... we were finally free in Athens ... well, in Athens airport, but still with miles to go.

Next step: From Athens to Methana.

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